Why You Should Choose Tuscany as Your Next Golfing Holiday Destination

Golfing holidays have become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades with throngs of people looking to take their hobby with them abroad.  It is not only a chance to catch a bit of the sun that we miss out of in this country, but to try their favourite sport in a different location.  While many people head to Spain and America for golfing breaks, but if you are as much a fan of Italian cuisine as you are golf, there are many good reasons to consider looking at hotels in Tuscany.

In the following article we will look at one place in particular situated in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, Castelfalfi, and why it is any golfers dream holiday destination.

What is Castelfalfi Estate?

Castelfalfi is an 800 year old, once abandoned, now renovated, medieval village set within 1,100 hectares of countryside in central Tuscany.  It has been painstakingly transformed from the ghost town it became during the 1960’s to a gorgeous step back in time.  As a golfer though, there is only really one thing that will grab your attention about this estate and resort – the golf courses.


What Are The Golf Courses Like At Castelfalfi?

As Tuscany has a very balanced climate, it is perfect for playing golf comfortably at virtually any time of the year.  The golf course themselves, in terms of layout, landscape and challenges are the way they ae also thanks to the temperature and the natural beauty that Tuscany has in bucket loads.

There was a clear goal in mind when the designers, Wilfried Moroder and Rainer Preissmann, were given the task of creating a great golf course – it had to avoid the use of artificial elements that would interfere with the countryside.  So, sustainability was the name of the game.

There are 2 golf courses, with a total of 27 holes between them and players of all ability and experience levels are welcome to try a round or two on either course.

The Mountain Course

The Mountain course is a full 18 hole, Par 72 course that extends for 6,351 metres and is considered to be a Champion level course that is highly technical.  However, absolute beginners are not excluded from giving it a go, as there are 5 different starting spots.

The Lake Course

The Lake course is only a 9 hole, Par 37 course that extends for 3,172 metres.  Despite this being the less intimidating of the two, it still presents challenges and technicalities that will test even the well experienced players.

Along with the two main courses, there is also a driving range for you to test your teeing off skills, covered areas where golf clinics are often held and a club house that features a bar and a terrace to enjoy a bite to eat and a drink or two that overlooks the sumptuous scenery.

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