Why I Would Love To Visit Madrid

If there is something that most people will agree with me about, it’s that we all like to get away from our busy lives to spend some time in an interesting and exciting city abroad. In the following article I want to discuss the Spanish capital city Madrid and why I feel this is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend break from it all, as well as giving you the information you need to stand a chance of winning a weekend break there.

The varying contrasts that Madrid offers its visitors is the thing that most appeals to me about it. Not only does it have remnants of its eventful and fascinating past, but it also has the modern touches that make it the city it is today. With the arts and culture that Madrid is famous for, there is also a more idyllic and beautiful side to the city. This is why I would waste no time watching the video below and entering the competition to win that weekend break.

I can imagine beginning a day in Madrid very early in the morning, as it does seem to be a city that doesn’t really do sleep. I would have a nice breakfast and watch the sun coming up and then I would start my exploration of this city by taking the Paseo De Arte. Paseo De Arte, just in case you are not good with Spanish, directly translates as the Art Walk and is one part of a trip to this city that all art lovers should take advantage of.

The walk takes you past the best of Madrid’s art galleries and museum, including the famous Prado Museum. The Prado Museum is probably best known as the home of many Flemish, Italian and of course, Spanish masterpieces and is where you will find Goya’s majestic Third of May painting.

As well as the arty side of town, I would also want to check out the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Madrid. Not only is there a feast for the eyes of all green fingered, plants and flowers lovers but it also provides you with interesting facts about the history of the plants there and their many uses in our day to day lives.
As someone who is a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing and similar shows, there is only one way I could think of ending a day in Madrid and that is by taking in the sights and sounds of flamenco dancing. Madrid is the world capital of flamenco dancing and therefore the only place you should really see it.

There you go, that’s what I would do if I won the Madrid competition. What would you do though? Whether you have a plan in mind or not, please take the time to watch the video, enter the competition and share it with all your friends and relatives to see if you can win a weekend break in Madrid.

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