Travel on a Budget



Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune to have fun. If saving money is your target or you are just cash-strapped and don’t want to miss out on the summer fun, here are tips to keep you going on a lean budget.

Look for Bed and Breakfast hostels

These may include private homes with rooms for tourists or just hostels for travellers like yourself. For most people, these are enough for a few days of stay. These will save you lots of money when compared to posh hotels that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Have a strategy for your travels

If you want less stress on your body, mind and pocket, the best tip would be mapping out your travels as you need them. For example, start with familiar yet costly nations such as England then travel to cheaper nations such as Turkey for your shopping as you head back (assuming you are from the United States).

Travel off-season

In Europe, for example, you can put together your RV supplies and head out between October and April. Hotels will be cheaper, the lines will be shorter, and the tourist sites will be less crowded.

Avoid eating in tourist hotels

If you want to make some good savings on your food costs, never buy food or drinks close to tourist attractions as the prices are the highest one can pay. Walk a good distance away then have your food at a lower price.

Look for businesses run by the family

The advantage with businesses run by families is that they care a lot about their reputation. They will thus be both flexible and able to offer discounts on their products and services. The name of the business will tell you of who runs and owns it.

Eat as per the season

Wherever you go to, make sure that you are eating as per the season of that location. Not only will you be partaking in the culture of the place but also saving yourself some serious money.

Eat picnics

In most countries across the world, the price of a picnic meal will not cost you more than ten dollars. The level of satisfaction you get with that amount is by far better than what you will be getting with the costlier hotel meals. The air is all yours to enjoy too.

Have a guidebook

Those who avoid buying guidebooks with the notion of making savings are actually saving pennies to incur pounds. It may cost about $10 but will save you thousands of dollars on your trips. In most times, you can even download the digital copy of the guidebooks to your devices.

Be smart with money

Find ways that ensure that very little money flows away from your pocket or bank account. When making ATM machine withdrawals, make large ones as they will lead to fewer withdrawals and less withdrawal costs on your account. Avoid using traveler’s checks.

Shop in cheaper nations

The nation can either be cheaper because the exchange rate favors your home currency, or things are just cheaper there. The differences in the prices of commodities are so large at times that you will wonder why these disparities exist. The price of a can of premium coffee in one country can give you a whole carton of twelve cans in another if you do your shopping well.

With these tips, you will be going on trips and coming back with your bank balance still healthy enough to plan for the next trip without shocking your lifestyle.


Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

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