The VIB Bracelet – Ushuaia Beach Hotel’s Latest Innovation!

In its short lifetime, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, as part of Palladium Hotel Group, has proven that it is one of the leading resorts for luxury accommodation, world class entertainment and innovative use of technology. This video alone shows that it is more than just a hotel, but an experience.

One thing that really has me excited about the hotel though is something that they are introducing this summer – the VIB bracelet, or Very Important Bracelet. I have always been a fan of cashless hotels where you can just use your room key card to pay for things and enter and exit your room. The VIB takes that principle and gives it an almost festival/dance party vibe by giving guests the opportunity to enjoy their stay at the hotel without needing to worry about keys, money or key cards that can easily get lost by the pool or on the beach.

The bracelet is all they need to enter their room, access different areas of the hotel’s buildings and pay for products, using their own PIN code. They are introducing it to eventually replace the existing PayTouch, biometric system of payment and have long term plans to introduce further wearable technologies.

How It Works

The bracelets are all coded to meet the specific preferences of the guests wearing them; further individualising their experience at the hotel. It can not only be used to get in and out of their room and to make payments, but can also be used to pot pictures and share status updates and content on their Twitter and Facebook profile pages.

There are 3 different packages to choose from, including the Ushuaia Clubber Pack that offers them 10 drinks, VIP lounge access and a special breakfast, all at a lower price. While the VIB Zen Pack offers spa massage, unlimited access to the water circuits within the spa and an extra special, wellness breakfast.
Although for its first year, the VIB bracelet will be very simplistic; it is not too hard to imagine the various possibilities it opens for future holiday seasons. It will undoubtedly be a success and another reason why Ushuaia Beach Hotel should be the first choice on anyone looking for a truly unique, Ibiza holiday.

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