Packing Tips for First Time Cruisers

If you are taking advantage of one of the many last minute cruise deals, but have never been cruising before; you may be unsure about how to pack for your trip.  In the following article we will give you some great packing tips so that you are ready to board that ship and enjoy yourself.

Bear In Mind Dress Codes

While it is true that some cruisers dress to the nines in formal clothes, the majority stick to business attire.  The funny thing is though that the more luxurious the liners are, the more elegant, but casual passengers dress; and on the more contemporary liners, the fancier the passengers dress.  We would recommend that you check the dress code of liners before booking, because if the dress code does not match your preferred choice of clothing, it is better to know that before you head down to the harbour.

Don’t Presume That Your Personal Favourite Toiletries Will Be Available

Cabins often offer standard toiletries, such as shampoo and soap; however, it is unlikely that they will have your favourite brands.  Therefore if you have a particular soap or shampoo that you want to use or need to use, it is probably best to make some room in your luggage so that you can pack some.  We would also recommend that if you are picky about having a particularly strong hairdryer that you take your own as most cruise liners provide very weak ones.

Remember the Bathrobe Policy

Rather than taking up unnecessary space in your luggage, leave your bathrobe at home as most liners provide their passengers with them.  Sometimes, they will be in your cabin when you arrive on the ship.  However, with other liners you will have to request them.  If you are unsure what the policy for bathrobes is with a specific liner, check the FAQ section of their website or contact their customer service hotline or ask your travel agent.

Pack Appropriate Clothing for Your Destinations

You need to keep in mind that some places require more formal clothes than others.  If you are heading to Bermuda or Europe for instance, it is best to pack more resort-friendly casual attire; while some places such as French Polynesia, Caribbean ports, Mexican Riviera and Hawaii are even more casual.  It is also important to not forget your on port activities as flip flops are great for days on the beach; they are not as comfortable for days full of walking and sightseeing.

Leave Room in Your Suitcase

It is a good idea, if possible to not fill your luggage so that it is bursting and to try and leave some room in your suitcase for any souvenirs or gifts that you might pick up while on your cruise.  It may even be a good idea to pack an extra bag that you can foldaway inside your main suitcase.  That way if you pick up clothes, presents etc. and find that you are taking more home than you left with, you have the extra bag that you can use for these extras.

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