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If you are looking for answers to some motorhome related questions, you may find them below.

Do I need a special driving licence?

This is one of the commonest motorhome faqs!

If your motorhome is less than 3500 kilos, you can drive it on a standard licence irrespective of your age.

Above that weight, licence requirements become a little more complicated and your age plus when you passed your driving test may all come into play.  If you are looking at a heavier vehicle, it will be worth checking the specific government regulations on the subject, as there isn’t really sufficient space here to detail them.

For motorhomes under 3500 kilos then, there is no minimum age?

By law, if you have an appropriate driving licence then you will be able to drive a motorhome of that type at whatever age you are.

Please note though, that is a comment about law.  The insurance requirements may be quite different.

Some insurance providers may not wish to cover very young or inexperienced drivers.  Others may do so but only if you pay a substantial additional premium.

Can I park my motorhome wherever I wish?


There may potentially be some restrictions that may be in place in certain specific situations.  They might include:

  • local authority car parks which prohibit motorhomes for one reason or another;
  • some on-street parking may be banned by local statutes;
  • some laybys might permit parking but not overnight.

Any such restrictions are usually evidenced by appropriate signs and you should, of course, comply with them.

Again though, please remember this is speaking only of laws and bylaws.  Your insurance policy may have its own requirements in terms of where you can park and under what circumstances.

Can I take my vehicle outside the UK?

Yes, there should be absolutely no issues here.

A few points to keep in mind:

  • the driving and parking rules and regulations in Europe may vary from one country to another.  The differences are today not large but they might affect, for example, where you are permitted to park your motorhome;
  • make sure that you have motorhome insurance that permits travel outside of the UK or in some cases, UK mainland.

Can I import one of those giant American RVs?

In principle, yes you can.  In practice, there may be a number of significant practical difficulties.

Some US recreational vehicles may not meet European standards for things such as safety and emissions.  Some of the larger ones may simply not be road-legal in the UK.

On top of that, the sheer size of some US RVs may mean that they are impractical for some British towns, parking sites and even roads.

How easy is it to drive and reverse a motorhome?

Modern motorhomes drive, on the whole, no differently to most cars.

There are though some differences of a type you will be familiar with if you have ever driven a modestly-sized van. Perhaps the biggest single difference most people comment upon is that you typically use your wing mirrors far more, due to the fact that rear view mirrors are less effective with many models.  However, rear view cameras are changing that right now.

Manoeuvring and reversing does take a little practice, simply because of the fact that the vehicle is a little larger than you might be used to.  Most people pick it up very quickly and this is rarely a problem.

Can I sleep in them wherever I wish?

Yes and no.

Yes in the sense that there are no physical restrictions in terms of your motorhome.

However, as touched on above, many local authorities prohibit overnight parking in places such as laybys and council-owned car parks.  There are though many approved parking spaces available and some of those also offer connection to electrical, water and waste disposal systems.

There is also a very large number of private sites around the country which offer excellent facilities for overnight or longer stays.

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