Family holidays in Italy

Family holidays can pose their own difficulties. Whatever the ages, tastes are going to differ and you may be hard pressed to please everyone all of the time – excepting food of course! Who doesn’t love pizza or genuine Italian ice cream?

Food tastes aside, multi centre holidays in Italy give you the chance to meet a number of different expectations – if one of the destinations fails to meet every wish of every member of your family, the next one just might.

The possibilities – in such a family-friendly country as Italy – are boundless, but here are just a very few suggestions to keep the younger members of the group entertained …

Parco Avventura Etna

A woodland adventure park in the shadow of Europe’s tallest active volcano. What could be more exciting and proud a boast when the children return to school after their holidays?


The name, of course, is taken from the well-known Lake Garda, which is likely to have its own attractions for older members of the party.

For the youngsters, however, Gardaland offers 32 adventure-packed rides for children. The park has been ranked at number 5 in the world’s best theme parks by Forbes Magazine.


Situated in Ravenna on Italy’s Adriatic coast and just a few miles east of the city of Bologna, the theme park Maribilandia offers the world’s tallest “watercoaster”.

Whilst the kids are enjoying all the thrill of the park’s many rides, the adults can look forward to sampling some of the region’s food, wine and history.

Italia in Miniatura

Back to the coast once again, near the popular resort of Rimini is the model not just of a town, but a whole country.

If you ever felt you were running out of time to visit all the places you wanted to visit, Italia in MIniatura can give the whole family a snapshot view of everything.

Cavallino Matto

The sleepy, verdant hills of rural Tuscany may be all very well for the grown-ups, but what about keeping younger members of the family entertained?

Your answer might lie in a visit to Cavallino Matto, where they can let off steam on one – or all – of the park’s five rollercoasters and enjoy the adventure of a prehistoric Safari Park.

Rainbow Magic Land

Rome has boundless sites of interest for the adult members of the party, of course, but museums, palaces, works of art and statues may begin to pale after a while as far as the children are concerned.

If there is any danger of this happening, you might want to drive just a few miles outside the capital and visit Rainbow Magic Land, where three separately themed areas offer more than 36 different rides and activities.

Something for everyone

While the focus of this brief article has been about children’s activities, it goes without saying that Italy has more than enough to keep adults entertained too. So, if you are looking for a multi centre holiday that has something for everyone, why not consider Italy?

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