6 Of Europe’s Finest Surf Spots

In a recent list produced by the media outlet CNN, 6 of the top 50 surf spots in the world were located in Europe.  If you are a seasoned veteran or relatively new to the joys of surfing and are looking for places to catch some great waves without venturing to the USA or Australia, you should read the tips below, then A Surfer’s Guide to Surfing in Continental Europe.

Eisbach in Munich, Germany

The first one on our list is the strangest.  The completely landlocked wave at Eisbach is formed water fast moving water hitting against a large rock and forming a crest of water over the river there.  It reaches a maximum height of 1 metre and is what is known as a standing wave, meaning you don’t actually move along the river at all, but surf in the same spot.  As long as there is enough water and you don’t fall off or get off your board, this particular ride will never stop.

Hossegor in France

This spot is known in the surfing community as the “Surfing capital of Europe” and with good reason.  Although it is strictly a surfing spot for the experts, people come from miles away to watch the pros take on the tubes and watch the heavy walls crash on the shallow sandbank.  The tubes are as good as any you will come across in Hawaii, with the added bonus that you don’t need to look out for coral.

Biarritz in France

Biarritz, also in France and around the same time as when surfing really became popular in California, it became popular in France.  People have been surfing in Biarritz since the 50s and it is a spot that offers great waves throughout the year because of the swells of water from the North Atlantic that pump down through the Gulf de Gascogne.

Les Cavaliers, Anglet in France

The wave at Les Cavaliers pumps between two rocky girders and you need to use the right hand side channel to get onto it.  As fun and exhilarating as it is, as a word of warning you should be aware of the locals.  Unlike the vast majority of the world’s surfing community, Anglet surfers are particularly aggressive towards people who they think are stealing their waves.

Pedra Branca Ericeira in Portugal

48 km of Lisbon is where Pedra Branca Ericeira, a breath-taking surf spot is situated.  The town serves both surfers and fisherman and has 6 km of beautiful beach and has the Sao Lorenzo sandbar and the monstrous Pedra Branca reef break.  If you only intend on visiting one place in Portugal to ride waves, make it Pedra Branca Ericeira.

Carrapateira, Taghzout in Portugal

However, if you have time to spend visiting another of Europe’s finest surf spots, make sure you take a trip to this left hander break, that even though at high tide it often has waves as big as 3 metres, it is not the most frequented and is usually very quiet and peaceful.  If you are feeling brave and fancy a bit of a breather, there is a nudist beach local to the spot!

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