5 Chill-Out Destinations in Bangkok

So you’ve decided on your next vacation destination: the city of nightlife; Bangkok! You have five days and four nights to explore the much recommended city and you started looking for Bangkok entertainment highlights just to be flooded with overwhelming number of places to check out. Oh dear! And you have just four days to enjoy chill-out. Where to start?

The best way to start is to categorize the type of chill-out you’re looking for. Did you want to dance the night away? Is downing four bottles of beer child’s play for you? But if it’s about new experiences, then read on. Listed here are the top five chill-out places based on innovative fusion of culture and lifestyle!

Game Over

Game Over is a unique bar/restaurant equipped with high-end gaming gadgets from large gaming monitors, multiple screens to the latest consoles! And yes, because it’s a bar, there are heap load so a variety of drinks to choose from as well as food selections. Game Over is the must-go to night entertainment for gamers wanting to chill-out!

Pool Bar

Pool Bar is located on the 29th floor of Mercure Bangkok Siam Hotel. If you’re planning on staying somewhere in the city center, might as well choose this hotel and spend an evening at Pool Bar. The idea is to enjoy Bangkok city view while enjoying a few rounds sitting by the pool. Perhaps even a night dip?

Tuba Bar

Fancy furniture shopping while partying? Everything in Tuba bar has a price tag. It’s a bar, a restaurant and high-end furniture shop fused into one. For a bit of a twist to chilling out, try Tuba Bar. And not to sorry, you won’t be bombarded with salesman while you sit back and relax with your glass of wine.


As the name of the bar goes, the height at which the bar is located, all the way on the 61st floor, can be both exciting and scary. Vertigo is a chic and high-end chill-out spot. The cost for a drink is multiple times more expensive than average. It’s the thrilling night time view of Bangkok from all the way on the 61st floor that’s the main attraction.

Maggie Choo’s

For a bit of haunting feel and dark vibes, check out Maggie Choo’s. Expect to be greeted with live Jazz, leather furniture, low lighting and a haunting ambiance.

There are many more venues to consider when it comes to Bangkok’s nightlife. These are just some hand-picked unique venues.

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